A Book of Hours and Other Catholic Devotions

This magnificent collection of prayers and devotions embraces the riches of the Catholic tradition. It contains the Psalter, prayers for saints’ days, rosary prayers, the great litanies, devotions in preparation for the Mass and private prayers.

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A Calendar of Catholic Devotion

This is a quality prayer book in the tradition of Catholic primers and devotional manuals. For each day of the year there is a scripture reading and an inspiring example from the lives of the many men and women in … Read More

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A Catholic Book of Hours and Other Devotions

This book is divided into two parts: the first is a Book of Hours that provides a framework of prayer in five ‘hours’ spaced throughout the day. The second part is a compilation of prayers expressing devotion to the Eucharist, … Read More

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A Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion

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AVE MARIA – Catholic Prayers and Devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is at the heart of Roman Catholicism. While only God is the legitimate subject of worship, Mary is exalted by the Church above all other creatures, including the angels. “Mary commands in the heavens … Read More

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This beautiful prayer book is the ideal book of prayer every Catholic should have. It is comprehensive enough to give you inspiration and uplift in every conceivable situation. It contains virtually every prayer a catholic should know including basic prayers, … Read More

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Catholic Devotions for Fridays and Lent

For Catholics and many other Christians, Fridays and the forty-days of the holy season of Lent are periods of penance during which believers practice penitence for sins by giving alms, praying and meditating, and fasting and other forms of self-denial … Read More

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